Kerala Ayurveda Package 

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Duration: 09 Nights – 10 Days
Destination Covered :Ayurveda Treatments available at different cities across Kerala


Day 1: PIZHICHIL A cloth is dipped in lukewarm medicated oil, and then squeezed over the body for 45 – 60 minutes. This is followed by a gentle body massage. The oils are prescribed depending on the specific ailment. This is a process traditionally followed once a year, aimed at keeping the body fit and healthy and preventing premature ageing. It is also recommended for papaplegia, hemiplegia and general weakness.

Day 2: PATRASWEDAM Little cloth bundles made of specially selected herbs are dipped in warm oil and rubbed over the whole body. Recommended for certain types of muscular and nervous ailments. The duration varies from 3 to 7 days.

Day 3: MEDICATED STEM BATH The patient is exposed to a steam bath with medicinal herbs steamed in boiling water.
Most suited for obesity, and to rid the body of harmful toxic substances. It has also been found to help certain kinds of skin problems.

Day 4: UDWARTHANAMThe body is massaged with various medicated powders. A procedure primarily to melt away subcutaneous fat and obesity – related problems. It also helps blood circulation.
The patient lies on the back and medicated oil is poured continuously on the forehead from an eastern vessel.Extremely beneficial in cases of disorders such as migraines, headaches and insomnia.

Day 5: PUNNAGATHI KIZHI Small muslin cloth bags containing special fresh herbs are kept warm by constantly dipping in hot medicated oil slimmered in a pan. These are then rubbed onto the body for 60 minutes.

Day 6: NJAVARAKIZHISmall cotton bags are filled with a particular kind of cooked rice which is dipped in warm milk with medicated decoction and rubbed on to the body.
This is very effective in cases of wasting of muscles, weakness and rheumatism. The duration varies from 7 to 14 days.

Day 7: UZHICHIL (GENERAL BODY MASSAGE)Useful for general fitness and well being of the entire body. It helps in toning up muscle tissues, alleviates stiffness of joints, promotes better blood circulation and stimulates the nervous system.

Day 8: FOOT MASSAGEThe masseur uses his feet to massage the body. This is excellent for general fitness also. This massage is for conditions of obesity or inflamation of muscles resulting from a fall etc., where extra pressure has to be applied.

Day 9: NSYAMThis process of treatment is done via the nasal canal. Medicated oils of certain herbs are dipped into the nose to expell all the doshas which cause head-related problems. Sometimes, mere inhalation can work wonders.Ideal for sinusitis, problems concerned with dental care, ear, nose and eye ailments, facial paralysis and migraine.

Day 10: TAKRADHARAThe procedure is the same as that of Shirodhara. In this treatment medicated buttermilk is poured on the forehead continuously. It cools the system and is good for eye-ear-nose related complaints.

Day 11: KULATHA SWEDHAMSmall bags containing various herbal powders are heated to a constant temperature in a dry pan. These bags are then rubbed longer on the affected parts of the body than the rest of the body, though the whole body is massaged as well.